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This game is great but here's what needs to happen


This game is great and is the closest thing mobile users can get to total war. Heres some things that the game could use,
Different maps including siege maps
Being able to choose your army and choose what units u want, artillery weapons like catapults and ballista’s if u decide to add towns, these are just a few ideas, if you added these you could get away with charging a few bucks for the game. I mean with all these things I would pay 2$


Nope nope nope


No… This game is different. However, wet can already choose our units and make our own maps.


Siege battles could be interesting, but the dynamic is very different, almost a completely different game. I’m not dismissing the idea, but current focus is on symmetric warfare.


How do u choose ur own army?


Get beta and become a patreon supporter.


It’s wishing thinking… we have to many hypocrites running this game. And the stuff required for custom is impractical unecessary scamming.