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To the Heroes of old samurai wars, help

I am Zhao_Yun. I played this game often years ago, but havent played in two years except the occasional on an off game. I would like to play competitively again.

I currently dont have a device to play other than my phone. What device would you recommend for playing? Any tips for increasing speed in my management of the army?

Phone is actually the best…movement is fastest because you can cover the whole map with a swipe of a finger…with ipad the swipe becomes longer by 1/3 or 1/2 second at least…but the chance of losing a unit in the periphery is smaller!

I would recommend getting a stylus pen a targus brand this will make precision better but it takes getting used to and some sort of thing to prop the phone up firmly. This, once used to it. it’s way easier and more enjoyable to play I find.

I gotta try that shit…what thing to prop…how!? It takes away the “fat fingers” problem

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the information!

It’s been a long time zhao, it’s good to see you

Like maybe a phone case with a brace or knobs on back use a pillow to prop it up. Idk use your imagination.

Handheld doesnt work?

You can but it makes it difficult.

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