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Подвезут ли Русский язык?


Я являюсь русско-язычным игроком и Английский уже подвезли в игру, но будет ли Русский? Очень интересно


English please


Нет, к сожалению нада быть международный язык и к большое сожаление английский в этом мире стал международный! Stfu Mroz by the way…learn some languages!


English please I don’t speak Russian


Then you cannot be a spy…sorry!




Wasn’t planing on being one




just saying there is a very interesting brand new piece of technology called Google and you just need to copy paste the whole text and read it
these are the results
title: Will they bring up the Russian language?
text:I am a Russian-speaking player and English has already been brought into the game, but will it be Russian? Very interesting
@chikacrni answered: No, unfortunately nada be an international language and to a great regret English in this world has become international! Stfu mroz


Thank you dear sir


And no mas I would learn some languages if I had the time and patience