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Toxic unregistered player


[image removed]

Can’t really flag him but he’s recently been in many games (spectating or not) and saying some bad things


Ok this is being a crybaby and a tell all! Comon man have you been raised as an informant?! Enough of this censuring shit…


@MTF_NineTailedFox I removed the image. Better use DM for reporting problematic players.


Whats dm?


DM = direct message or PM = personal/privat message


I see, so you can inform anonymous! Well, I do live in a society where majority are extremely scared of any sociall confrontation and usually find a way to solve those things through a third party, preferably with your back turned to them, so this does strike a speciall nerve!


Here is some “momy he said “gay””-bullshit for your thread! Oh sorry maybe you want me to inform it on the DM…




@chikacrni Please calm down

Having a public shame board is not a good way to deal with problems. For the forum there’s the Flag button. For the chat there’s currently no such function, that’s why I suggested sending a message to the staff instead.

I think all this is getting out of hand. Shit posting and trolling has nothing to do with free speech or censoring.


Well it does affect free speach if everyone gotta be scared to say a curse word or two! There can be issues of hate or certain type of abuse that can infect, and that should most definetly be taken serious, but this is getting out of hand…somebody called them “gay” and “you suck shit”…LIKE REALLY???


"Can’t we all just get along "

-RED :eye:CLAN

“GaaaY , eat shit and Die Scum !!”

-Everyone else on Samurai Wars




Chika, it really isn’t a big deal. I haven’t even seen the inage yet and I could tell why he had labeled you toxic.

Chill out, it’s just a game. And I know you’ve probably heard that phrase many times, but it’s true. Nothing to get mad about.


It’s not him it’s someone else


And chika look man… this isn’t just that one game, every game that he has been in that I’ve seen, usually ends up with him saying a thing or two, I considered him a bit toxic, I took it to the forums, people can complain, people will think that I’m just being a snowflake but these issues have to be resolved somehow
Imagine everyone using the freedom of speech all the time, things escalate further and further like your previous posts, usually with people disputing battles with you, how does freedom of speech turn out?

Guess what, I’ve gotten banned for swearing in other games even though everyone does it, and everyone has the freedom of speech, you gotta consider which levels are swearing not directed at anyone and directly offensive

Even saying things like “gay” apparently isn’t just something to joke about anymore, everywhere I go and people get a smack-down for using it in any negative context






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