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Troop/units ideas


A topic for talking about units, tactics. Sort of an extension of shield units topic


Perhaps you could choose a Samurai clan before the match and that clan would give you a certain benefit? Eg. Bonus damage from missiles, one extra unit of ashigaru, Increase infantry move speed etc.

Extensive list of daimyos (clans) from Sengoku period Japan.


Could we potentially see different types of the General unit? Borrowing @BOOM407’s idea, players could choose to use different types of generals at the start of matches


Shields (Stationary) Tgey we’re used in Sengoku Period they are ussualy used before the charge


maybe soldiers with high armor defense by lower speed and vice versa


Ninjas! I want Ninjas!


That’d actually be pretty cool


Maybe they could hide in forests an be faster than other infantry?


I think some sort of settlement map,
Like a village or something would be nice .


i think many would agree that having a way to capture people, and/or ways to surrender would make things more interesting.
Also ways to build your army, beacause I think that victory and defeat would be more fulfilling and devastating if so.


Capture like in take prisoners?


Capturing during the battles didn’t really happen, the prisoners would be too much to take care of and wouldn’t benefit anyone yet


Im saying after the battle if you surround them and they surrender you can take prisoners.
Unless there was some way to make it relevant
It would be a useless feature
But it would still be cool, i think


And walking in collum formation needs to be a thing


It’d be cool if after the battle it shows the statistics, like this person lost x amount of soldiers and killed d amount of enemy soldiers


And like in tw it showed the individual units stats eg. yari samurai Kills: 68 Deaths: 23.


Yes that sounds great


Castle maps. There where plenty of Castles in 16th century japan.


They would not benefit anyone? Have you not heard of slaves?


But how would they benefit them in the heat of battle, there’s no logical way it would work