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Troop/units ideas


Yes i said it would be useless unless there was a way to make it relevant. Now on the battle statistic topic. At least if were talking kills and deaths, I think since it tells you the amount of kills in practice mode its very plausible. Good idea btw


Now it could be relevant by taking prisoners and making them human shields, they could basically be fodder for archers and gunmen


I think clans need some attention. They need to be official instead of just claims.
Where people can be invited or request recruitment, because nothing is stopping anyone from claiming sof.
If he did that ,and the battle statistics ,and if he could connect them that could be used in clan wars.


There should be a way to pick your troops for battle based on a currency system, like you get twenty points and light infantry cost one point and you chose which weapon they have or cavalry cost two points and you choose their weapons


Are you fucking serious, taking prisoners and making them into human shields???


It’s a longshot but sure, it’s absurd I know but you know it’d be kinda fun


Maybe riverboat units that fired missiles (eg. arrows guns or even cannons) and could unload units into passable water? Even though the Japanese were not great seafarers during the Sengoku period there were plenty of naval battles fought on rivers and in between their many islands. Historical uprising against Oda tyranny.


Speaking of boats, can we have specialised units that are weaker than others, but can pass in deep ocean?


Hmm, like this:


Yah thats absurd in my opinion


the purpose of adding modding will be to allow for out-of-ordinary units, and even the absurd ones


Yah I just fancy realistic gameplay


Since we are allover the place with these units, how about kamikaze suicide bombers with dynamite straps???


aka creepers! yes I want those


Reminds me of the good old game Myth: The Fallen Lords which had the Wight unit:




I have that shirt well I know it is a portrait I have a shirt of that portrait


They would work well with the fog of war, ambush and then try to get to the target through enemy fire, very lightly dressed for good speed or something, like less than the sleeveless ashigaru


light units with less attack and more speed, heavy units with more health and less speed


Basically the ninjas idea?


Basically any new units with specialisations