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Troop/units ideas

Hmm, like this:

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Yah thats absurd in my opinion

the purpose of adding modding will be to allow for out-of-ordinary units, and even the absurd ones

Yah I just fancy realistic gameplay

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Since we are allover the place with these units, how about kamikaze suicide bombers with dynamite straps???

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aka creepers! yes I want those


Reminds me of the good old game Myth: The Fallen Lords which had the Wight unit:


I have that shirt well I know it is a portrait I have a shirt of that portrait

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They would work well with the fog of war, ambush and then try to get to the target through enemy fire, very lightly dressed for good speed or something, like less than the sleeveless ashigaru

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light units with less attack and more speed, heavy units with more health and less speed

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Basically the ninjas idea?

Basically any new units with specialisations

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It’d be nice if there was new maps, armies, and larger battles. I know this can just be done in custom matches but we need that to be implemented in normal matches

  1. A Matchlock unit should not be able to fire when its in water…

  2. Range units firing from within a deep forest, or across forests at targets on the othee side…ok I have won many battles doing that but its just odd if you think about it.


Cannons need a speed nerf in water

EVERYTHING needs a speed nerf in water.

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A desperate last stand to stop a river crossing isn’t effective at all. Rivers are pointless unless you actually engage an enemy in one.


Rivers…I think we should also add a blood effect…If on Water the blood would float away!


If you are on banks and enemy is in river it seems to help…

Thats y i said that its effective if you fight them in or on 1. It gives whoever is in them a morale penalty.