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Two bad parts of the game, which is worse?

  • The game freezing whenever you leave the browser, but then come back soon.
  • Several players said to show up, but barely anyone plays.

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@MilitaryOfficer, you changed your name to mine and my gamer picture, then when I notice it you change it again, why?

It’s a waste of a profile pic, if it’s not gonna be used in battle for a while for so long

I’m a bit flattered of the impersonation but can you not?

This is not the posts topic either way.

Are you still afraid of Shurda to fight even once against him?

Funny as the last time I tried battling him, he refused to fight me because of my tactics, ironic don’t you think?

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I dont fight you because when I gave you my hand you spit in it, your tactics have never been any problem…any whatsoever! Do not flatter yourself…lol…the fool is flattering himself! Like…you wish it was your tactics!

So you don’t mind my tactics, I remember the last time we met on the battlefield you quit and refused to rematch, and how did you give your hand to me? And yes I’m a fool, but not for flattering myself as I haven’t but because I don’t know why I’m still arguing with you.

Very ironic

Actually I forgot, you camp at exitpoint…