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Two rare victories in a while


Before I had an account this same guy always seemed unbeatable to everyone else, but took non-strategic blitzkrieg charges to do so. I was actually worried in the second round, but pulled it off but with even heavier losses
Otherwise, these are old photos that I decided to put in a special spot.


Do you know what the best tactic is

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

The best tactic is BANZAI!!!


The second battle though I was worried he had high chances of getting his revenge(especially when he hardly loses) that I started out camping on an island until I saw him dividing his forces in half and I took a risky charge with my whole army despite difficulties to complex to summarize.


Should try and do a bingo of some sort


You clearly do not know what Zhao Yun is like. Hardly anyone else beat him.


That’s why you should get a bingo going, make it a challenge