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Unable to Log In on Oct 6 and Oct 7, 2020

How come I am unable to log in? Anyone else having trouble?

Unable to play the game at all or unable to see your profile logged in? You must be on desktop?

I’ll investigate, what device are you using (android/ios/desktop) and what happens? any error messages?

Yes, played for past year on desktop. Suddenly, I can go to the web page and it now says samurai warrior but there was know way to click on a box to get into the game.

I can log in

I can view the main page

There was no game box to click into

Somehow I kept messing around w the link and it appeared

I’m on desktop

I can see the samurai warrior main page

I do not see a game box on the upper right side to click into.

I started playing around with the link when I saw a new version had launched and I somehow got it going again but I’m concerned it will not work next time

I can log in


Chuck , Playin is my login

Ok, I see, yes sometimes the browser will use old pages and links, and you might have to clear the browser cache and history to get it working.

The following link should always work:

Thanks for the assist!!!