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United Islands a new country

Before I start please notice I have no idea how to make a country in role playing forum so let’s actually start
It all started out when crown-land traders made a small base on a peninsula surrounded by walls and named the colony Port City. After a month of peace the Indians on the mainland attacked and a siege began. The population of the town revolted because of the lack of reinforcements heading towards the siege so the Indians and revolutionaries jointly occupied the city. THE BATTLE OF LONGFELLOW PLAINS
The battle of Longfellow plains was a 5 day long battle
So day 1 began with crown-land forces forming up in a half circle and the revolutionary forces forming up in a strait line ( revolutionary forces were out numbered 1to 3 )and the basically just started staring at each other. Day 2 The revolutionary forces began cycle charging the left flank until… Day 3 A massive army of Indians arrives and decimates the right flank of the crown-land army and the revolutionary forces seeing this attack the left flank with moderate success… Day 4 another stair off… Day 5 both indian and revolutionary forces charge and the crown-forces put up a last stand but are slaughtered in the end. After the battle the crown-government sues for peace with the coalition of Indians and revolutionaries so the UI is born it is spilt into to groups the Indians and the revolutionaries
After 50 years of Indian wars the UI had 10 islands or the entire archipelago
After 4 revolutions and two world wars (one almost ending the country) The united islands has asserted it self amongst the powers in economical military and government (not in samurai wars though lol)
Diplomatic relations
Samurai Wars:
I think we’re allied don’t know actually he’s dead so Uhhhhhhhh
Jayixthenreicherland Kaiserreich
Hawk Island
Middle Island Indians

Three party’s
Palm Party
Goals: Saving historical and natural sites
Ports Party
Goals: Building city’s towns buildings and making economy stronger
War party
Goals:Expanding and making the UI stronger militarily


And I guess I’ll go over the milatary now
Commander in Cheif
1st Army
2nd Army
3rd Army
4th Army
5th Army
6th Army
7th Army
8th Army
9th Army
10th Army

Elite Regiments:
56th Regiment

42nd Regiment

Try out for an elite regiment


Ou Jesus, oh god, this is a complete work of Art, screw Umardoloth, ain’t nobody got time for that. This is pure f*cking PERFECTION. Everyone reading this, join the group immediately, this… Someone get the BBC, we need a documentary on this countries history ASAP

Seriously tho, this is pretty damn great. Finally something light hearted to put me back in the mood to continue doing sh*t on this forum :D.

What no! Its too awesome

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Remember us being pizza it was just a prank bro

Ik it was just a prak , was entertaining nonetheless xD

Hey guys I’m back

New flag soon

Can I join

You will receive the 3rd Amy

I wish to join

Nice username what army do you want

I’m proud to announce that I am on discord aswell as entering the tournement

IT does not matter. Any army you give me will succeed

FRYDCHYKEN for attempting to subvert the control of the Celestial Emperor, I am sentencing you to banishment until further notice, which will never come.

Crime: Subverting the heavenly control of the emperor by joining the “United Islands”

Punishment: Banishment

What is this North Korea?

FRYDCHYKEN is now a Criminal in the Jayixthenland-Umardolothian Empire. If caught he will be executed by Handellum-Gunter **** **** (please don’t get rid of this, it’s what the actual ting is called, there is no other way to say it without sounding stupid)

The game is rated 9+ on the App Store, and this forum is part of the game. So I will have to edit out that name or I’m forced to change the App Store rating. (The App Store rating only applies to content on this site, but not other sites or any non-official discord servers.)

What uhh why the heck do people go on at midnight and that’s when my forum page get 4 replies

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