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United Islands a new country

Nice drawing

Huh what drawing by the way the Tsung guy says you quit his clan or something?
Which is fine of course for some reason he will banish you

Nvm about the drawing drawinf. ANd It doesn’t matter anymore I Am loyal to you now

Lol, do I sense some serious bum pounding on a massive scale coming on???

@EmperorTsengTsun I think Gunter is going to have fun pillaging… You should make your own special unit, lmao

Rip, lmao.

Which army am I assigned to m’lord

You get the 4 th army

I’m interested in joining is this still active?

Can I join I’m a bit better than average players I can do very well in 1v1s

Unless if there better than me,all I request is that if I get someone else in battle that he’s no noob

Yes you can you will receive the 5 th army

You will receive the 6 th army if you wish to join

Alright thanks

Is this a mostly peaceful clan?

We have not been in any wars so far but it only real is like a month old even if it was created in August

When will we got to war if ever sir

If we are atacked or our allies are atacked or if the Leaves declare war on an aggressive nation acting illeagly

I have literally 20 people. Come at me bro.

Really it be genocide I’d be stupid to do that

Not really I could get us allies