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United Samurai Trainees [RECRUITING]

Welcome to the United Samurai Trainee clan.

This clan is made especially for new players (like me) to get their first experience with clans in the game and just for everyone to have fun in a community. We will train often and hope to all get better.

Everyone who would like to join may leave a reply down below.
Trello board:

Ranking system is implemented already, how it exactly works is still being thought about. Have a look on the Trello ( where all our members are listed.


I hope that you guys all accept this as clan, even tho we don’t take things too serious and are having our fun.

Sure therr arent many players with accounts atm only my clan is a little active

Tomorrow i’ll get a discord server going.


hey masamato! GG the other day. any chance i can join??

i joined the discord now I’ve left. Thought a more experienced clan would be better for me

I shall join the discord

Actually I welcome everyone here, also you, so if you are interested, you can always join. If your other clan is okay with it, you can also join the Samurai Trainees just as a thing next to it, if you’d like.

Sure I’ll join

Most the clans are dead anyway😒

who likes my map? its called The Trident, inspired by the battle ground for robert’s rebellion in Game of Thrones

hope you like it

I set you on the trello as Samurai. Feel free to join the discord again.

i will. how to access the territory map??

Everyone! We are merging together with the Royal Mercenary Guard and are now apart of the Sons of the Fallen.

would like to join am new to the game hav lots of questions to ask!

This clan has merged with RMG

k thnks