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Units that dont want to move


Sometimes(usually at the beginning of a match)
I will give a unit a command, and they’ll walk for a second then stop or not move at all. So i have to give the same commands to the same units repetitively until the unit follows the command. This is a big wast of time, and can give my opponent the advantage especially if he is an offensive player. Just to let you know nicodil


One troop might be trapped behind river or cliffs, try manoeuvring the destination marker around to to all directions which should free the trapped soldier.


There used to be gray areas that are either rock formations or pits, Nikodil explains that it’s not a bug, but intentional, because men getting stuck , falling down or are hampered by rough terrain will slow the whole unit down.


Yah i know what those are but that is not what i mean


I believe this bug has been fixed in build 190920.1735

If you still seeing this problem, let me know