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Unofficial map making contest


Enter yu’or map entries and see other people’s maps.

Post some screenshots, best if one is zoomed out and other is not.

Hopefully you get money out of it for maps.
I made this thing for people better at drawing than fighting.

Whatever boats yu’or boat I guess

I make random judges of the maps, they do not have to be complex, and doesn’t have to be serious. The currency can only be used to buy NorebucksTM

1 map gold is equivilent to half a norebuckTM gold. Which is 5 silver

1 map silver is equivilent to 5 norebuckTMcopper

And finally, 1 map copper is equivilent to 10 norebuckTM gold.

Eg: posting imagez to get gold

@nikodil should hire me, totally



Omaha Beach, nice!


t o p
f o r u m


noremac more work for you