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Update and server issues


I’m in progress of releasing the new update. However I’ve discovered a server stability issue, so the lobby may go on or off for a while I’m debugging.

This game is broken now

I just fixed a server crash and adjusted the matches in the lobby so that there’s always at least one match with an empty slot.


Oh, I should do proper summary of the changes in this update:

As previously mention, there are a number of changes for missile units:

  • the new cannon unit representing a battery of three cannons
  • for bow units, line-of-sight is no longer blocked by elevated terrain
  • for matchlock units, line-of-sight has been slightly adjusted, it’s still blocked by elevation but not small bumps
  • matchlock kill zones now take bullet trajectories into account - if a bullet doesn’t hit the targeted unit it continues and have a chance to hit units behind

I tried to improve the start menu a little: no need to ready when starting Practice, and there are separate items for Sandbox and Map Editor.

Hosting custom matches should now be more reliable, deployment timer should work as expected and it is possible to adjust unit positions before the battle start.

I disabled the music for this update, will revisit that area as part of the planned work on moddability.

There has also been quite a few changes under the hood regarding the network and server architecture. It feels really good to have it up and running, there are a still a few server issues that I’ll focus on tracking down in the coming days.


Known issues:

  • server occasionally crashes and restarts (maybe fixed?)
  • range units not doing damage/ invincible units
  • units move backwards
  • app gets stuck on resume from background
  • auto-correct doesn’t work in chat
  • player’s icon remain after the player left the game
  • defeated soldiers recover as if the match isn’t over


I noticed that archers and other ranged units do no damage when they’re arrows or bullets hit the enemy, also troop movements are a lot more buggy and when the match is over and the enemy is dead sometimes their soldiers recover as if the match isn’t over


Yeah he said it was gonna be screwed for awhile


Sandbox works tho the cannons are painfully slow tho


Yikes, well more breaking the more fun


@Grayrider64 moved your bug reports here. Two quick questions:

sometimes their soldiers recover as if the match isn’t over

do you mean they rally or respawn?

Ranged units like archers and riflemen don’t work anymore

Not firing or no damage?


The units rally after the match is over and the ranged units do no damage after the first volly


Correction archers can do damage but only to friendly units during a clash


The cannons ignored the terrain I made I put troops behind a wall and the cannons go straight through it


That’s probably because of the terrain changes, also the cannons are new so that probably wasn’t taken into account


@Grayrider64 thanks!

@One_Man_Army it uses the same calculation as archers, but it probably needs to be calibrated for the longer range


Any idea how long until the servers will be fixed?


Also the auto add button needs to spawn them a little farther from the edge some can fall off and it stretches out the unit


Also it doesn’t say how many people are online anymore


The initial crash that could happen several times an hour has been fixed. I’m monitoring the servers in case it still crashes, and it has been running for a day without crashing.

Regarding the known issues, only “range units not doing damage/ invincible units” is server related. It is also the top priority issue, because it has to do with the network communication between the game and the servers and potentially could affect everything in subtle ways.

Second top priority issues are crashes and freezes of the iOS and Android apps. I expect to release one or two bug fix updates in the coming weeks to address those.


Oops, I seem to have introduced a new issue where you get thrown out of the battle. Will fix asap




Welp, can’t fight myself in online matches it seems