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Update and server issues


I got thrown out of a game , think its because the opponent quit! Thrown out to the lobby, then I had restart the app to be able to join a game again!


Are the range units problems fixed? By the way, havent seen any battle setup that includes s canon yet! Whassup…


When can we host matches? After the server fix?


@chikacrni Cannons are available in sandbox and when hosting custom battles. The hostless battles have the same random setup as before.

@One_Man_Army it is possible to host matches now, provided you have premium credits (the Host Battle choice is hidden if you don’t)


This is my interface since the update

I couldn’t access the fire button! But that didn’t matter because the range units were firing blanks!
Whats going on guys!?


Many, many problems! Even bugs with the forum posting, repetative ones!


You can drag and scroll the buttons to the left to access the Fire button. The issue with firing blanks is top priority.


Maybe the buttons should be icons instead of text, that way the would fit on a narrow screen.

@chikacrni And what problem did you have with the forum?


Can you post the link to get more credits?


I also was able to host matches until the update came out so I think I still have 1 credit any way to check?


can you re upload the itcho link


The Patreon link is (I will enable as well as other methods later on).

I checked the database, and the credit expired 2019-08-11 12:18:33.669511 UTC.


I’ve made new builds of the server and the apps, Android update should be available within an hour or so, and iOS within a day or so.

The update fixes a crash and I might have fixed the invincibility / firing blanks issue too. At least I fixed something related to that, but it needs some field testing to be sure.


Duh, I think I found the firing blanks bug. I was looking at the wrong place, it was not a complicated server issue, but a very simple client event handler that was missing. Will do a new build later today.


Is update out yet? Please tell me it is out


Oh thank you thank you




I was going to post another reply with a screenshot of the lobby and it kept throwing me out of the app when I was about to post. Over and over again! Then I tried with screenshot upload only (without text) and it threw me out again!


I think I fixed that one, if you could verify and let me know that would be really helpful


The firing blanks bug has been fixed and submitted and is pending approval, I’ll let you know when it’s up