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Update is going to greatly improve the gameplay


This new update is going to significantly improve the overall gameplay we need people to create more maps also need more people to host custom matches because now we can do siege maps with walls without it being to unfair for the attackers


Now that players have a motive to create battle lines to protect their cannons, it’s the perfect boost to historical accuracy whilst maintaining gameplay.


And the added fact that troops can be moved before battle helps


im so happy for this update


Frankly people who are too eager to form lines and formations will be so disappointed that it won’t make a great difference to how those who don’t form lines play and they will still win those who desperately want to do so.

Formations are a WASTE OF TIME for those intending to play a defensive game, because Lines means a front and flanks…which becomes useless when your opponents move away to outflank you, you will have to reform your formation, meanwhile he’s deployed and attacking your weak points already. Historically not all armies made formations to go into battle with. The Parthians, the Huns and the Mongols didn’t, neither did Rommel, Guderian or Patton, nor did the American Indians who Ambushed Custer, the Goths who ambushed the Romans, Oda Nobunaga who surprised Imagawa Yoritomo and Napoleon at Ulm…And they won because of mobility, superior tactics, timing or terrain…

Formations don’t matter unless as a part of your strategy. Doing Formations for the sake of formations is frankly ridiculous. In war, and in this game, strategy, tactics, timing, coordination and terrain matter more. The best players like Mr KOK, Mr No Mas, etc, pick at your weak points, they choose the terrain to hit you on, and their timing and coordination are impeccable. They did not win because their units were in a “blob”, but because they were able to focus multiple units on one of your weak points when you were unable to respond in time. Blaming it on “lack of formations” is a lousy excuse for sore losers.

Formations are good for one thing-its easier to click and select units, that’s the only good thing it is for in this game, it’s far more difficult to choose your units if they’re all in a tight stack …and its always a mystery to me how some of those great players can move their “blob” with ease…moving 10 units as if moving one unit.


It’s only a major problem for people who aren’t experienced enough I am good with lines even when dealing with the blob I’ve found that if you can form up quickly enough when the enemy charges especially if your line is at least 2 units deep the enemy will route along as THEY CHARGE YOU if you hold fast it’s very hard for them to beat you 1 unit of samurai spears will break at least 4 units in a thick enough line. I play alot of sandbox on my custom maps to practice and make sure my maps are flawless I’ve charged at least 15 units into a line and they get destroyed especially if you charge cav behind them or they if they dont have spears


Well it didnt improve your gameplay!!


His custom, his setup, his ballpark…


Please explain how you defeated me


Are you reporting a bug here?


No it’s not really relevant to the topic


This is not a bug-report thread Nicodil is it!? But if you’d like a report I will give you one! See above, as I am chasing his last unit off the map…there is no “Victory” text, is it a custom game thing!?


If you don’t even understand that you lost a game you participated in…then I don’t think I can get through to you with any explanation…but uhm…study the screenshots, they are in a chronological order, following the annihilation of your behind!


thanks, added that to the trello board as a defect to investigate


You cannot beat me in a fight you must run and fire if I didn’t add any archers you will lose




Now you see you cannot defeat me when you cant run


Well of course…you run when you chase dont you, and attack! Its the same thing as saying, “see you cant win when your inf dont do damage” and its a ridiculous thing to say! In my oppinion…


Its ridiculous to run away after your defeated and take advantage of the archers not running out of ammo


Sure kid…its ridiculous to take advantage of archers :roll_eyes:


Ok so If i change the map in the middle of the battle is that fair? The game allows me too so i guess its alright. Doesn’t that sound stupid and we’ve already seen what happens when chikacrni cant run away