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Update version 2019.10.1, build 191008.2046


New build available, with the following changes:

  • It’s no longer possible to change the map once a custom battle has started.
  • Fix custom maps not loading in the browser version.
  • It is now possible to remove units in the sandbox and during custom battle setup.
  • Fix unit assignment for custom battles so they are evenly distributed among the players of the team.


Can you post the link to get a credit for custom battles


There are currently two options to support the game and be able to host custom battles, Patreon or

NOTE: I’ve noticed a bug with the mobile version not automatically recognizing that you’ve made a payment, so it doesn’t show the Host Battle menu item. Don’t panic, just use the browser version ( in order to activate the credits, and once activated it should work fine on mobile as well.


One thing about the custom maps, once you played someone elses map you get it in the map list…but you cant delete it!


New game resolution? Ui size?

There is this issue with the ui, the bottom chat/map editor bits float right on top of the bezel


I used warstage and it let me host but in mobil it won’t I even reinstalled it still didn’t work


no intentional change of the ui, do you have a screen shot of that?


It could be that it don’t match the email address, I’ve now made a change in the database, so try logout and login again, first in the browser and then in the app


no comment


Yeah still nothing do I need to log out of the forum?


Try open the Account dialog, it should automatically check for new credits.



Still nothing I donated to patreon or itcho 10$ warstage wouldn’t accept my card


ok, I can see the transaction on so it should pick it up automatically, I’ll investigate…


I started the registration process manually, check the Accounts dialog again


I don’t know if you see the difference, but the ui has definitely gotten smaller since the update, might have something to do with my resolution


funits still stopping facing the wrong direction and


Also every game starts with the info down, which is really unnessecary under setup mode, since one needs to be swift in the initial seconds of the battle…starting facing random direction is kind of cool on second thought


@nikodil I keep getting forced out of the matches it will go to the home screen at the beginning of a match


I think we need to account the cavalry problem, they’re in this limbo of not being fast enough for effective harassment tactics and not heavy enough for shock cavalry, we need them to be buffed in one of those ways


Using multiple multi-selection windows crashes the game, might be an issue