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Update version 2019.10.1, build 191008.2046


After the lasso upadate you could start the lasso by doubletapping on a unit or somewhere on neutral ground, if doubletapped on neutral ground and missed a unit you could not add that unit just by a single tap on the unit (in multiple mark mode), if started the lasso on a unit on the other hand you couldd select or desellect other units by singletaping freely…which was a remnance of the old system, which was a good marking system that should have been fully incorporated with the lasso!

Anyway if you double tap a unit to start the lasso and miss covering one unit by it, you cannot freely single tap sellect or desellect units to add or leave out of the multiple movement anymore, I noticed yesterday!

Sucks…How did that happen???


Welp, that crashes the game for me


And has the ui gotten smaller since the uppdate, we need some clarification on that matter I beg humbly!?


I was wrong you can delete units in a custom


it’s a bit more difficult for touch screens now, also a blank spot for the ai down the bottom