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Update version 2019.10.3, build 191018.2110


I accidentally broke a couple of things in the last build, so I’ve tried to fix them and some others without breaking too many new ones.

  • Commander assignment for custom battles should now work, dividing the units evenly among all the players on a team
  • Only the hosting player is now given control over the match slots of custom battles, and is able to remove players from slots
  • Fixed deleting downloaded custom maps (those with time stamped names)
  • Fixed unit spawning so they are facing the map center in sandbox and custom battles
  • Fixed multi-selection select/deselect tap
  • Fixed units facing the wrong way when halted by double-tap
  • Fixed info panel not automatically closing when battle starts
  • Fixed a couple of crashes, especially the one caused by multi-touch selection gesture

(The update has just been submitted so it can take some hours for Play Store and some days for App Store before it is available. I’ll post a note here when it is up.)


Regarding the UI getting smaller in the last build, I did not intentionally change anything, so it may be something with the new version of XCode or iOS/iPadOS. I did some testing on my devices and although I did notice the difference I found it acceptable. But then, I do not have the latest models of those devices, so if you think I need to change the UI size, let me know what model you’re using and your opinion


iPad pro 12.9 inch gen 3
Might be a difficult issue to tackle because there is a dock minimization instead of a home button
Takes up a whole line of ui at the bottom


the update should be available in both the Play Store and App Store now


yes, I noticed that, and similar for the notch on the iPhone. I haven’t tested how it feels on a real device (only the simulator), do you think it’s a problem UI-wise?


I don’t believe it’s a big issue, however if the ui was to be bigger for top and bottom, then there would be a tiny fraction less screen space to play with

nevermind, didn’t update


Are you running 191018.2110 and could you describe how to reproduce the crash? that would be very helpful


Man thanx man…many important issues!


Internet issues, didn’t update, crash is fixed


Command buttons in custom still not working