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Update version 2019.9.1, build 190912.1939


This build is now available for web and Android and is in the approval queue for iOS.


  • fixed some crashes
  • fixed crash in forum browser on iOS
  • fixed soldiers getting stuck in pits in the ground, movement is still slowed down but they usually break free eventually
  • fixed units facing the wrong direction after issuing halt command
  • chat log improvements: fixed chat log text covering the whole screen, text is now selectable, only show team chat button for online battles
  • units now flee towards the nearest edge

There are still a number of know defects in this build, such as:

  • occasional crashes
  • cavalry movement problems, units backtracking when issued move commands
  • range units targeting/firing problems


Das ist gut. Very gut.


Units running towards the closest edge is great


Another bug surfaced, stalling the release for the iOS version: crashed when trying to upload photos to forum. A new build has been submitted, so it’s in the approval queue again.


Version 2019.9.2 (build 190916.0511) is now available for web and Android, only change in this build is reverting the change “units now flee towards the nearest edge”. The iOS build is still in the approval queue.


So units will actually flee away from the enemy instead of running to the nearest edge?


That would seem to be the case.


It reverts the behaviour to how it was before the update: units flee to their respective rear positions at opposite sides of the map.


Excellent that will make the gameplay a lot easier


The new build for iOS is now out as well


You should reverse the sides they spawn on I think that would help the problem bc the way it was before they flee to the front towards the other side of the map


Right, will try to fix that for the next update


Can’t see the new build on appstore!


It was quite funny to see a unit run away TOWARDS your units :slight_smile:


@chikacrni ok, sometimes it’s slow to update the app store, check again in a while