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Update version 2019.9.3, build 190920.1735


Another build has just been submitted, should be available on Play Store shortly (in hours) and App Store soon (in days).

Check out the Trello board for an up-to-date list of planned and completed tasks:

Changes in this build:

  • during setup of custom battles, the hosting player can now add units by dragging them the from the off-map unit pool (same as in the sandbox), and consequently each team can start with a different set of units
  • fixed problem with movement path updates sometimes causing units to move backwards when issuing move commands
  • fixed routing units fleeing in the wrong direction
  • added back the indicator of number of players online
  • adjust cannons to slightly reduce damage
  • fixed chat log auto scroll
  • fixed another crash

Units that dont want to move

While spectating a match I noticed that soldiers were shooting at invisible soldiers, then while fighting someone, the enemy’s last unit disappeared and I had to restart the game to make it reappear. Also I’ve noticed a glitch where you can hear your units moving but they’ll just be frozen in place


Also when you have a teammate they dont get any units


Routing units are still running in the wrong direction


the iOS version should now be available too


There are several occassions whereby infantry units caught up with cavalry units running in a straight line on plain terrain…


Cav seems to be acting adequately again! Good work!


Um the game crashed while I was spectating a match and whenever I start the game it just puts me back into the match even though it’s over



Also the same two matches have been going on for hours but they say that they’re only 8 minutes long


after a person disconnects they forfeit right? The usual is that the game closes and I leave automatically, but I’m stuck here

Nevermind, server crashed



There’s no matches available now


ok, restarted, still some server bug in there


Nikodil someone wants to get early access can you copy and paste the link



Could you tweak the morale I just routed like 20 full units from 1 charge


Not even ashigaru they were samurai


Yeah it seems like heavy infantry just aren’t as formidable anymore. Like they have glass chins which is what light infantry is


ok, I added a trello task investigate the morale problem, I’ve not intentionally made any changes but I’ve noticed that something weird is going on. I suspect it has something to do with morale influence from nearby units.