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Update version 2019.9.3, build 190920.1735


Yes, cavalry breaks easily and samurai has morale problems…routs as soon as another nearby unit cracks…units still fleeing the wrong way.


Agree I do blablabla


Yes I’ve noticed if about 4 or 5 units break it will start to route the other ones. Also I’m not sure if it’s a big problem but the host can change the map in the middle of a battle. And there should be a way to remove troops added by accident in custom. And can you add the green and purple colors to the custom battles so we can identify armys.and when you host a custom match with a teammate after you add troops only 1 player gets control of the army and auto add for anyone other than the host the units dont spawn in for other players. Finally it has a glitch where when I try to host a match sometimes the units dont appear in the set up like the host cant see any troops to add map still loads though


In custom vs one man army over here, the command buttons started flashing like disco lights, I could not run with units, by command button, then as I pressed hold once, I couldnt press fire, as it was already dark shaded! After I left the game the command buttons followed into the lobby, flashing on and off…


r Nfever understood this, why is their activity light grey, that means they left…so why are they still there?? Either you there or its empty sounds logical to me!

ps: archers are firing blanks every now and then still! As I said, it’s not allways, but definetly sometimes
pps: yepp saw it as a spectator aswell, could it be that in one battle some of the archers fire blanks and some fire real?? Or maybe one player does blanks and the other one normal! Thought I saw something like that…
I mean…its great kiting training, but it sucks (the picture above is from one “training session” with blanks)…and damn its quite frequent!


Where is the new version?


Refresh your App Store


It showed on one device and not on the other, didn’t know you could refresh appstore :thinking:


I suspect that archers still firing blanks might be that some players still are using the old buggy version. Hmm, maybe I should add some version checks to prevent that.


I was thinking that it might be the case also


I have the new update and sometimes the archers still dont fire


Shortage of free games slots in the lobby