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Update version 2020.10.1 (web)

The maintenance update 2020.10.1 has now been released!

Note: this release is only for the web version (, and I expect there will be a couple of more small web-only updates before I release mobile update for iOS and Andoid.

As I’ve mentioned before, the big new thing with this update is the module loading mechanism. I’m putting the Samurai Wars scenarios on github, so that anyone can clone and make modifications to them (for example I will write some documentation on how to do that – but basically use the command line tools git and npm for downloading/uploading and building the module.

Currently it’s only possible to mod the these basic unit stats (see

    missile?: {
        missileType?: MissileType;
        minimumRange?: number; // meters
        maximumRange?: number; // meters
        flatTrajectory?: boolean;
        missileSpeed?: number; // meters / seconds
        missileDelay?: number; // seconds
        loadingTime?: number; // seconds
        hitRadius?: number; // meters
    melee?: {
        weaponReach?: number; // meters
        strikingDuration?: number; // seconds
        readyingDuration?: number; // seconds
    quality?: {
        trainingLevel?: number; // 0.0 - 1.0
    walkingSpeed?: number; // meters per second
    runningSpeed?: number; // meters per second
    routingSpeed?: number; // meters per second
    elementSize?: vec2; // meters
    spacing?: vec2; // meters

The next step is to make unit names and sprites moddable too.