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Update version 2020.10.2 (web)

This is a small update, fixing some scenario loading issues, making it possible to play the sandbox and practice scenarios that I’ve put on GitHub. Using these as templates, it is now possible to do rudimentary scripting modfications and host them on GitHub too. I’ll continue expanding the modding functionalty next, but below is a short list of the steps involved in modding (will eventually evolve into a more complete How-to guide).

Development tools

Before starting, you need to install the following two tools.

GitHub Desktop

You need the GitHub Desktop app for transferring files between GitHub and your computer.

(you can also use the git command tool, if you’re already familiar with it.)


For building and testing the scenario you need npm command.

Create a new repository

Go to the scenario repository to be used as a template, one of:

Click “Use this template”.

Enter a new respository name, for example ‘mytestmod’.

Click “Create repository from template”.

Go to Settings tab and scroll down to GitHubPages.

Select branch “master” and “/docs” and click Save.

Check the GitHubPages url, e.g ‘’. This is the link to share if you want others to play your scenario.

Modify the scenario and test

Click “Download Code - Open with GitHub Desktop”

npm install

Edit the src/index.ts file

npm run start to test

Navigate to http://localhost:8080/

Release the scenario

npm run build

commit and push


The long awaited… horse artillery

Trying to break the game:

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haha, the mad rocket scientist

Cant see any games in the lobby…all other interface information players online etc is visible