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Update version 2021.3.2

This is an update of the web version and the mobile beta versions of the Warstage app. In this build I’ve fixed some loading and startup issues.

I’ve moved the roadmap and planning board to Azure DevOps, which is a good system for keeping track of bugs and work items. I realize it might be difficult decipher what’s in there, but I’ve made it public anyway, in case anyone is curious to look what’s going on:

To get the beta of the Warstage app, use the following links:

TestFlight on iOS:
Google Play on Android:
Google Play on the web:

On the Google play Android I just keep getting a blank page

Oops! it seems the Android build is very broken, I will make a new build asap

[edit] note to self: always perform those smoke tests before release

New build is up, try again and let me know if it still doesn’t load

Yep nope it’s still nothing should I reinstall it , and see if that works

Yes, and sometimes Google Play is slow updating, version should say 210312.0749

OK, I now made another small change, try again


Webpage not available

The webpage at http://localhost:32088/headup/headup.html?port=43817&hpid=97744d60006510abe30319a1&ppid=97744d60006510abe20319a1 could not be loaded because:


I got this message when I reinstalled

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thanks! a different error, I’ll continue investigate…

what Android version was that?

It’s working now

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Thanks! This confirms that the new build (210317.1637) fixes the startup issue.