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Useful units: tips


Pikemen These are anti-cavalry units and more of a defensive purposed ones. Take advantage of them by formin’ them straight up in the front lines.
I usually take care of their safety when playing on flat ground and going on the defensive.
Cavalry Oh dear these are annoyin’ indeed… Used more for flanking than direct charges. At the beginning of the battle, you may not want to make them stand behing. The cav is really versatile and should be used for skirmrishes ( just sayin’, not tellin’ you what not to do).
Archer/Cav Same as above, skirmrish at the beginning. Though when deffending, you may use them as a archer’s replacement.
Swordsmen Use them as you wish. They are basically the infantry of now a days. When defending using them, I choose to place them in a zigzag formation, combined with pikes. One pike in the front, one sword in the back, and so on
An effective formation This is a classic Byzantine tactic -a bit changed to adapt into the game: a central line (in this case, archers), well defended. A second line of reserve troops. The flanks, cavs. Though you shouldn’t always try to keep them like this, a real time battle is never still. REACT! It’s like Hema (historical fencing) where each swordsman changes his stance every moment.
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Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)
Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)

Pikemen are not only anti-Calvary.



Erg, you are right, though anti-cav and defending is really a big job they do… XD


I think the Byzantine strategy is a bit less useful than the standard double line with cav on flanks, because it keeps it simple and easy to adapt and maneuver. In this game fighting isnt that hard, but what makes many people fail is inability to adapt and failure to correctly demonstrate proper tactics. A good strategist waits for the perfect opportunity and overwhelms the opponent with shots from ranged units and well placed infantry.


Children at ease with this drama.

Formation should be in 2 ranks, 2 broad categories.
1 Ranged Units
2 Infantry

while the cavalry is very flexible with placement because of their mobility but try to keep them together.
when breaking down the categories to more specific units, the first rank should have archer cavalry on the side (scenario 1) lined with the archers for maximum volley damage or archers (scenario 2) on the side with gun men in the middle for secured range.
Behind these should be both swordsmen and anti-cavalry units (halberds and pikemen) that should be defending the ranged units at all times.
When receiving a charge the second rank breaks into 2 more ranks. swordsmen and anti cavalry units
1 Archer Archer Archer ArcherCav
2Pikemen . Halberd . Pikemen
3Swords . Swords . Swords

That way they can counter a charge more flexibly on flanks. more units can move either left or right compared to this diagram showing 2 ranks
1 archer…archer…archer…archerCav
Unless you really have to, never use your cavalry in a charge. if they route a bunch of units will panic and route!

-Your Dearest Jay


:sweat:actually, what you are saying is exactly what I am sayin’. Your standard two lines is the Bizantine strategy for me lol


Hehe, just basic tactics… Lol
People should decide on their own formation and tactics… That way they are comfortable with it. It doesn’t need to be Romans tactics/strategy or Jay’s penetrable defense… Lol



A: Your spelling Byzantine wrong
B: You said there would be a reserve line of archers, which is useless because that leaves your main archer force outnumbered

That’s what I meant when I said your strats had holes that were just self defeating. However, what I have learned about most strategies that people try in video games where you can easily keep track of unit movement that are descendant of real strats ultimately fail, because many require situations that cannot be attempted in a video game where everyone knows where everything is. Many strats also fail not because of player skill, but because of personal preference and ability to correctly use it. It’s one thing to put your men in a pretty line, it’s a completely different thing to seize the initiative.


I can only agree with: do not let your cav route. Why would you have three lines? Can I have some help? My philosophical basis about battles is getting demolished! Why should you have a third line? (Yes… I have reflected a bit, and in Samurai Wars, a third line IS a bit useless…


Placement on terrain is also crucial, formation becomes linear, fortunately in the game you can see what the opponent is doing. So this influence s any formation.


there are times where a charge might occur at the flanks. this is a defensive position which the infantry units quickly form from 2 lines to three to counter a charge at the sides. therefore more units can travel to the left or right quicker than having a whole line of infantry moving left or right.


Do compare how fast the infantry in these two formations will take to get to the flanks.

2 lines

…Archer… Archer… Archer… Archer
<=Halberd Swordsmen Pikemen Swordsmen Pikemen Swordsmen=>

3 lines
…Archer… Archer… Archer… Archer
<=Halberd … Pikemen … Pikemen =>
<=Swordsmen Swordsmen Swordsmen =>

The diagram consisting of three lines has 2 units already guarding the side compared to the 2-line formation which one unit is defending and it will take longer to move the rest of the line to support against a charge.

My point is that it is only useful against a charge.
However this formation is still effective against cavalry assaults that are light simply because the archer’s second rank guardians compose of anti-cavalry units.


why have 3 lines instead of 2? if you are terrible with dealing with cavalry assaults and they lure you into their trap of being shot by archer fire while you kill their horses with the second line compare the amount of damage dealt if the volley hits a defending unit of anti-cav compared to a stationary line that is close to archers or multiple units trying to chase the cavalry. small things like this make a HUGE difference. seeing how your philosophy with battles is being battered, I am suggesting that when you play against the really good players you need to adapt to take as little damage as possible. a third line is not entirely without its flaws. any formation has its flaws and can be useless. it is honestly down to the player’s management of the individual unit that wins a battle. battering on the idea of a formation does not define a player’s skill. a formation basically is a template and guide that allows them to exert their skill easier. please keep that in mind and do stay open to other ideas since your fixed ideas clearly are not working.


if you want to fix your philosophy on how to play this game i will give you two broad terms for you to figure out, seeing how you do not look in depth and focus solely on formations to win.

Analyze these two terms

if you ever observe a battle between good players try to look at how they manage their armies and how well they manage them.


Don’t listen to Jay… Make a strategy that fits you, that allows you to win. I also like roman tactics but there are others.
At first I used to split into two armies, One would flank and the other hold battle front. That works really well against not so experienced players and varies against more experienced players.
After a while I started to become better at micromanaging and started raiding with Calvary. This turns out to be very useful in many situations but also has severe cons if not done properly.
I don’t want to tell you how to play because I want u to be creative and strategic in your own way so u can enjoy this game to your fullest.


Any advice for a new player?

Let every Asskicker kick the enemy’s ass in his own way


Lol looking back at it everyone took this in a very serious tone.


Using multiple movement Feature is key in infintry battles Keeping infintry units close protecting and stratigicly placing archers as army moves is crusial nowing were 2 pic ur turrain if u choose to bunker and defend knowing the higher archy of ur units from weakest to stronges will help significantly by being able to create mis matches in ur favor there is no single way too win when playing against the elite as they will also know ths and be skilled threw repitition but it will give u a decent chance in winning a garentee win against a rookie
1st projectiles

on bottom picture the spread army’s units cav and infitry were to spread to much space inbetween units the units on front line(red line the space inbetween each unit should only be half that red line) archers should be placed in red circles to defeat this tight formation on ths map when cav attack archers fall back 2 forest out run cav in forest when cav retreat hault projectiles n fire on fleeing cav
on bottom ur formation should alow ur archers when charged by enemy to retreat into ur inf keep inf units in a circle or close formation 4 ths technique 2 work forcing enemy 2 retreat or lose there units when chasing archers

2 activate multiple movement Feature
double tap n hold u will see bubble pop up

holding the bubble slide ur finger across the desired units (red line)

then they will be darkened like ths
ths is usefull to not only attack with but also 2 move ur Entire army when ur units r disorganised or losing the battle to retreat and re group or regroup as ur retreating or to move units in formation alowing u to move 1 whole side of ur army at once or just archers or cav the possiblities are endless make ths feature ur best friend ur stongest weapon change the way u play the game dominate enemies on the battlefield and be amongst the elites


these are a few formation and there uses picture on bottem is somewhat of a wedge technique i was using my archers as outer line of technique to push back the enemy from flanking my main body but even if some how he did happen to flank me i had enough units in the rear center to counter any attack from flank attack formations are always subject to change they are just usefull for maneuvering entire army and keeping projectiles safe also alowing whole army to move and archers 2 hault and fire as army keeps moving and still alow archers to move into formation 4 cover when chased by cav so archers shouldnt stray from the cover of other units or forest sence cav run slow in woods and vaulnrable 2 infintry in forest infintry are stronger in forest

hope ths helps


Read this to get some ideas