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Wanted - Dead or Alive

                  .-"      "-.
                 /   Bounty    \
                |              |
                |,  .-.  .-.  ,|
                | )(__/  \__)( |
                |/     /\     \|
      (@_       (_     ^^     _)
 _     ) \_______\__|IIIIII|__/__________________________
       )_/        \          /
      (@           `--------` 

@Eric_alexder_theg8 4
@Nox 2

In my time playing this game, these players have stood out as exceptional opponents.

Defeat these warriors and earn your respect as a bounty hunter. Post a victory screenshot here to be added to the rankings.

Lose to these foes and learn from your defeat. Bounty hunters who have their losses posted will go down in the rankings.

Battle me enough times and I might add you to the wanted list. If I have missed anyone, post your own wanted ad.

        ;     \
        `;   __`\
          ;|/`)  \
           \/'_)/ |
            \/( | :
       `---==|  ;  \==---'
             |  ;.  \
             |  `;   \
             |   ;.   \
             |   `;    \
             |    ;.    \
             |    `;     \   
             |     ;.     \
             |     `;      \
             `Bounty Hunters'

Noremac 0
Centurion 4

Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)
Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)
Looking For Opponents

Lets see I have fought weaver I believe and almost lost against Thruzan …I will battle u

See you on the battlefield
-Füher Of the CoolHandClan



:joy: Hahah :joy: :drooling_face::sob::sob::joy::joy:




U are so naive, I retreated because a coward refuses fighting and keeps running. U are not a real samurai. @Nox


You may be right…so prove it.


Hahaha you guys prob. dont even know who i am but i was one of the first people to start “playing” this game. I am also thruzans second member. If you almost beat him he was definitely holding back. I only beat him once and it was me and a friend vs him and we almost lost


I agree. Those guys are on a different level. I would like to have a match with you sometime. See if you can make it to the list.


Haha, now this is very interesting. :ok_hand:t4:




I suspect you could make it on the bounty list. I have not played many games against you though.


Me vs noremac round 4 lol I finally win


It was a good battle but it will take a few more to get in my wanted list. -_-


1st Advanced Recconesance Force
Mission 1

@Welder, @H20delrious1, and @Kgboy02 are tasked with fighting a player listed in the bounty section. Victory is not nessesary, though there will be a reward for those who prevail.

General N0remac


So who do I fight


Look at the first post and choose.


The enemy advances , we retreat
The enemy camps, we harass
The enemy tires , we attack
The enemy retreats , we pursue

  • Mao Tse-Tung

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”



@Noremac i fought KOhand and about 10 time and lose dude they. R not in my level XD


Good job. Your second mission is to post a picture of the start of your battle with one of these opponents. Try to include both your formation and their’s. The player @Nox is usually up for a challenge.