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War of the Black Plains


This is a made up role play war if you want to join just type in chat I want to join and I will give you an army name or you can suggest one.


To earn money post a pick of a win each win is 1 gold.


Ok what’s the deal with this game


What do u mean


It’s a role play war where you get a country and earn gold by the end whoever has the most gold wins.


You wanna join


Ok where is map


No map it’s lax


Just a world map


You get a nation and fight


Not quite developed enough for me. As it is it’s too similar to the Warrior’s Bank and Territory Wars.


I just wanted to make something lax


If it is ok drop some ideas


Maybe you guys I’ll be interested in my RP though. I’m not sure if you have ever player a text adventurers but it will be like that. It is like Dungeons and Dragons where I give you prompts and you roleplay a solution. Instead of rolling dice you will post screenshots.

You can use the bank to grind out the 10 gold it costs to play.


We are a little high strung here :smile: (or is it just me?)

The Dungeon of Gorgoth is designed to be lax. All you need is a screenshot and a couple of lines then I will supply the rest.


I want to join




I believe this game has been updated here.


Ten Alex y’all can join my other war if y’all want but if not Alex you are Rome and Ren you are the Mongouls


I pick Scandinavia BTW Sparta isn’t a nation and you should add Spain and Carthage