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War of the many Eagles ( back on business)


Let me give it to ya straight. This is a Role Play war. Like my other war. War of the Black Plains. But this is more devolved. Shout out to ARF Noremac he said my other war was not developed enough so I am making a new one. Also check out my clan the R.O.T. You can earn gold by fighting other nations. The nations are Rome, Greece, Sparta, Persia, Germania, Britainia, Francia, Scotland, Scandinavia and, Mesopotamia. If you do not know a faction google it. You pick a faction and then you get gold by posting screenshots with a victory if you post a victory with a general and cav it is 1 gold a general with cavalry, 5 silver for a general and range and, 5 copper for no general. 10 silver= 1 gold , and 10 copper=1 silver. You must have 10 gold to declare war. 20 gold to make an alliance. And 15 gold to travel to a nation to fight. To gain land you must fight the player of the nation you want to invade remember to travel to a nation to fight it is 15 gold. A nation has three sections to take over the nation you must take all three sections when you have no nation you can form an alliance for 20 gold or you are out of the game. Plz have fun and if you want drop some useful tips. Keep the comments friendly and have fun.

War of the Black Plains
R.O.T Recruiting

To earn gold at first battle people and post victory screenshots with a general in them.


I will post special events that will give extra gold these events will last from 1 day to a week.


Definitely more developed. I am more interested now. Would you be willing to use the currency I have already created? If so I will play.


Sure tell me about it.


Hay do you want me to make a map for the game




I will add more factions later on.


I will introduce a new method of invading too.


And there will be neutral country’s easy to invade


Ok just look for a map you like and post it


You wanna play a round


Ok I’m player 1091I don’t have phone that has my Scipio account


You on


Hey can you make a map for me


For my role play


Ya I said I will just choose one form google first




Hrmmm. Maps are too complex. We already have a map game here. Centurion is the o ky one I trust to faithfully update one.


Here is the link to the main page of the bank.