Join our server

We are one of the few Clans still active...on discord or on jere

Don’t let the community die !! This clan has a healthy amount of members and memes to survive this dry season (community death)

The CoolHandClan Discord

Buddy this is the wet season, summer, not the dry season, your memes need to be tapped now, this year I fear winter may come sooner than expected, place your memes alongside the tactics thread and clans thread walls, we should hold off the trolls for at least another few months. Now swiftly go back to your kingdom and create SW memes for all.

:joy: Lol wtf

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@Ajcoolhand lol well its true to an extent

Launch the Meme Rockets! :smile:

I am going to get discord and join ur clan, I am a new player and are not good at samurai wars. @Ajcoolhand

I shall position the 1st Cats Devision by The Castle Gates With Caption Tank Support. :joy: How to join ur clan centurion?

He is not active

If u click there profile pic it takes you to there profil you can see the last time they were on

You can join T.R.R.or my clan H.S.C. join any faction if you plan on playing ofter i will put you on territory map

How dare you spite me