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What are spear cav good for?

I ran some tests, and I can’t figure out what spear cav are better for than sword cav. Sword cav beats spear in melee, so it stands to reason that spear cav should be better against infantry or something. But I’m not finding that. Can someone please explain to me what this unit is for?

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Look, spear units are generally good at defending, and you will see this from what I will show you now. I made several tests, the first test, I made the spear cavalry charge the katana Samurai (Smaurai armed with swords), and the spear cavalry lost, I made another test, where the Katana Smaurai charged the spear cavalry and, the result just like the first one, the spear cavalry lost, after that I made spear cavalry Charge the Katana cavalry (Cavalry armed with sowrds) and, the spear cavalry lost, then I made another one where the Katana cavalry Charged the spear cavalry, but the spear cavalry actually won, which proves what I said earlier, spears are usually better at defence.

After that, I made another test where the spear cavalry Charged Yari Ashigaru (Spear men), the Yari ashigaru won, then the Yari ashigaru charged the spear cavalry, and won, barely. Which proves that Yari ashigaru always win against cavalry. Then I made the spear cavalry Charge the Naginata Samurai (Smaurai armed with spears) and the spear cavalry got massacred, never charge cavalry towards Yari ashigaru and Naginata Smaurai, they will be massacred if you do so. Any way, I then made Naginata Samurai Charge the spear cavalry and once again, the spear cavalry lost. So we could conclude that Yari Ashigaru and Naginata Smaurai always ANNIHILATE the cavalry, and all spear units are better when on the defensive than on the offensive, so you should use the spear cavalry defensively, or attack vulnerable archers and matchlock ashigaru (guns) with them, because long range units are easy targets for melee units IF they aren’t protected by other melee units. Otherwise use spear cavalry, and spear units in general defensively

Ya know, that’s weird, because cavalry spears are never defensive weapons in real life. Cav spears are shock weapons. I think the game creator needs a historical accuracy advisor.

Yes, they are supposed to be shock units, but in this game it isn’t, but what is very accurate is that Yari ashigaru and Naginata Smaurai (spear units) beat cavalry, which is very accurate

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Yeh. It’s just that one would expect a game with so much realism not to diverge so abruptly from it.

Yes, it’s not entirely inaccurate but there are some things that I’d solved will make it better