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What do you know about Egypt?

As some of you know, I am a sunni Muslim living in Egypt, so I would like to ask, what do you know about Egypt a part from Pyramids?

Egypt used to have a traditional garbage collecting system that recycled more than 90% of the garbage until the government sold the contract to a european company that used modern methods!
Traditional garbage collectors lost their work and not more than 30% is recycled today!
Traditional garbage collectors belonged to the christian community.

Indeed, that’s very very true. They used to do this method, which was very effective, until the Swine flu thing. In Islam, eating pork (meat of pigs) is forbidden, so the garbage collectors would often collect the garbage, and then give it to the Coptic Christians who lived in Egypt, because as far as I know, eating pork (meat of pigs) is not forbidden in Christianity. As a result, the garbage collectors gave the garbage to the Coptic Christians who had these pigs. Ofcourse, this method isn’t used that much anymore, but there are still alot of garbage collectors in Egypt, you could sometimes see them on the streets, collecting the garbage.

As far as I know they recycled all the plastic and metal and paper and glass…didnt hear about pigs! You must be talking about pigs eating the food waste?

That’s exactly what I am talking about.