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What exactly are clans?


Hey, I just got back from a pretty extensive hiatus and I’m enjoying all the new stuff. One thing I haven’t messed with yet is clans. What exactly is one, and how do I join?

I’m a pretty good player, at least I think so, and would like to join one. What exactly does that entail? Beating the leader in unarmed combat? Making a sizable monetary donation?

Thanks for catching a really old player up to speed



Many thanks for the clarification. That’s what I was wondering, whether the clans were officially registered, or if they were more like player organized groups. Thanks for your help, and speedy response time. What a fun game you have designed.


Not to mention you’ve stuck with it for nearly 9 years! Bravo, and good on you for not abandoning the project


I don’t know what clans are active now, but seeking to unite the warlords of Samurai Wars is a worthy cause. I wish you luck, General Doc.


Haha, thanks, my good sir