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What is advantage of forest? and what's the 'star' unit?

(english isn’t my mother tongue, sorry for poor english :P)

what is advantage of forest terrain?
i glimpse others’ matches and found units in forest take less missile damages.
but i guess that’s not all of its pros.

and i wonder what ‘star’ unit is.
i noticed it has more power than any units.
but what’s exact name of this unit? is it commander squad or something?
if that so, what’s effect of this unit? is it just more powerful unit??

i appreciate developer of this amazing game!
it’s simple, but deep strategy game.
when i hadn’t know this game before, i wandered every so-called ‘RTS’ in ios, but nothing was satisfy me.
then i found this great game, and fell in love with it <3


The “star unit” is your General and his/her bodyguard unit. This unit provides morale to your units; if killed, it will also greatly reduce the morale of your units which may start off a mass/chain route. If you wish to use it offensively, which isn’t a good idea, use it like you would a katana cavalry unit (charging the flanks and then retreating).

As for forests, I only know as far as hindering enemy ranged units’ accuracy when attacking a unit in a forest area.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling:


thank you!
it helps me a lot! :smile:
seems almost same as total war shogun’s

Attacking a unit in a forest decreases damage dealt by ranged projectiles

How do I start a war

Check out this topic:

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Units slow down when charging in forrests. This can be used to employ traps for cavalry if you can bait them ans surround them in a forrest

Ok i thought the star unit was a genreral but i wasnt sure

There isn’t diplomacy in this game. If you want to fight, make an match.

Forest protects from missiles, but even more from bullets! Horses are slow in forest and uneffective in engagements that take place in forest