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What is and How to play territory wars(join)


The point of the game is to conquer the full map whether by force diplomacy with allies or buying it by way of screenshots loaded in 1 of 2 places. You will see the advancements with your logo next to conquerd territory with arrows of certain colores representing individuals state colores also a square of soldiers over the conquerd army advancements

In the age of the Samurai Wars a myriad of nations are growing in Europe. Most of the land is populated with tribes that claim vague allegiance to various powers. Only a few clans and warlords have grown strong enough to rule a vast amount of land. The conquest to tell who will reign supreme is yet to be seen.

When players first start they may choose a starting location by asking Centurion. If a starting region is not given but still you want to play it will be randomly assigned.

Randomly spread across the map are logos of each player. These logos can be conquered by posting a victory screenshot of the player they relate to in territory advancements or worrior bank in forum. Player’s must be two logos away from an active player’s state to conquer or any state for that matter.
State Territories:
This can be accomplished by conquering road territories and starting a new state.
The Road:
In order to expand into areas that do not directly border the starting location a road can be used. Players can obtain territories that are located along any road. Once a territory along a road is conquered or payed for, the player can expand from there. Roads that are within a players tower can only be crossed with the owners thew a fee, a crutch battle or permission.

Buying Territories:
Any territory directly bordering a players state or along unclaimed rods can be bought for 5 gold without challenge.
Unspecified Screenshots: Any screen shots that are posted to the territory bank that are not specified for any location will be converted into copper, silver, or gold based on units surviving in screen.

These are logos that sit on land terrain not touching a red line(road) on the map. These territory can be bought for 13 gold if you own a territory 2 logos away from desired territory. They can be conquered by defeating a player 2 logos away. If you leave unspecified it will go to nearest territory on the road. So its best to be conscious where you are on the map and give specific destinations.

For each state territory you conquer you will receive 1 gold each AU AG states 5gold in the next update. If you control all the logos of a player’s in a state you will receive 10 gold, Au and Ag states 35 gold.

Beating a player on the map
If you beat a on map player that is not within a two logo range you will conquer any road territory in their direction regardless of who it belongs too
For Tips
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For new players wanting to join post a victory shot of a player on board to territory advancements or for non map players to warrior bank thread to open a figurative account controlled by noremac


For Tips
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I want to join can u plz…give me starting locationplz…


Middle of the spain toletum


Nice you got it. Good job!


@Eric_alexder_theg8 Haiderkhan is fighting for ARF. Looks like we are about to get active in this map war.


ARF domination?


We shall see. If we can keep up our current momentum our success will be assured.


Definite not going on territory map yet


i didnt get the gold for conquering the territory


You will I just haven’t added it all up yet


ok so add it thnx…


just did


Thnx… wanna match lets play


sure. I am on now.


Hey guys i am starting my own role play called Great Conquest of Europe please join it