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What the hell now


How did three cav destroy my entire army in the forest, can somebody explain! I think it might be a bug, because the opponent has slow wifi! Too bad the one with good connection has to pay for it!

Here you can clearly see…an entire army, whats left…battled three cav in mele in the forest! And the worst thing is the guy is shining with pride and thinks he is really good!


i can’t explain this, but i swear i didnt cause it myself. i’m an honest player. in any case you should take a video as absolute proof


Proof of what, you are my witness!!


Anyways the sequence is quite enough! One can even see the comments!


Thats your army and if there was invincible it was a glitch


Thank you Scipio




Moving to Bug reports. These kind of issues are hard to debug, but fixing network glitches like lag and invincibility will be the focus for the next couple of updates.


You are our God Nikodil…litteraly!




please just stop being salty!!!


No you didn’t cause this! It’s just good that it’s made clear that you did not win because of any skills! Because you seemed to think you did and took great pride in it! And also great that developement adresses the problem so we don’t experience confusions like this in the future! Don’t you think?


And also, asking for video proof while you yourself was present as a witness!? Now how fucked up is that?? How does that go together with “honest player”??


video proof means they can analyse exactly what happened and how 2 fix it. i don’t remember much about that game, nor do i know about the games’ code. we are trying to fix the bug here, not convict me of some supposed “crime”. that is what u where trying to do, right? because u ain’t acting like it. your just acting like a salty ass-hole with a petty vendetta. please stop, because you are just embarrasing yourself. You even won that game! shouldn’t that be enough for you?


It’s good the misunderstanding got cleared up! And don’t forget, as I was being surprised of the weard glitch that made you invincible, I recieved the reply, well it was something in the line of: “Don’t be salty because my general has such a tremendeus morale! You are so salty because am so good bla bla”, (something in that line, did you forget that too?) in fact you wore “salty” out! Calling people salty is dissmissive in a very desrespectfull way, especially when they are trying to come across with a point! But you know that deep down…you are not stupid!


i actually no longer care.

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