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Who you think is the god of killing and motion


What? Um okay how do I say this. You. Need. Some. Jesus.
Have a nice day​:hugs::innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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mmm …

Almost 99 victories , yeti know almost nothing about you…

Let’s battle when we see each other xD

I battled Savitar once. He is definitely a good player.

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Yes i saw , he was in the desert but you charged him.He surprised you xD

( I just watch matches for fun when waiting in total war lobbies

Normac is a really good player with good tactics. I vote him. Even though I beat him he is the best player I have ever faced. I totally respect him.

Haha thanks, there are always better players out there. The second battle was close, but I think you got disconnected. Cant wait for a rematch.

What second match I only remember one .

Cause I kill them and make them say nothing stupid well to some