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Why is it that if I Have full internet it still says I’m offline


So,my IPad says that I am offline when actually I’m online I’ve got 3 full bars and I have WiFi on Felix mi lord if you see this pls try to fix it idk if it’s a bug :bowing_man: thank you Felix milord :bowing_man:t2:‍♂️Ok so yeah ok bye it’s my first topic btw So I’m dead if Pros see this


Does it say “offline” always or just sometimes? Have you tried with another device or another wifi network? If you select “Change Profile”, do you see the login page and are you able to login successfully?


All the time


After I disconnected from the internet


And then I join again it says I’m still offline


My grandmas house has three WiFi netwotks


It’s still doing it now


If I go to login I see the login page but I’m not able to change it successfully


I think it’s just that he doesn’t have early access :confused:


I think it’s a network problem or bug, it’s should say Offline, seems it can’t connect to the server for some reason.


Are you talking about the cusom map feature?? Or is this in the start lobby


I think its this, right @HailTheSlayer?




It’s better now


Great! Did you change anything to get it working?




It might be a bug