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Willimg to show new players how to play and fully understand the mechanics of the game


I am a long time player I also know of some good players who would be able to help new players understand the game and how it works you can either contact me on this forum or go to the discord in the top right corner next to the forum my name on discord is Minamoto No Yuritomo


@nikodil if you have time can we play a match?


Playing the dev? Now this is avengers level threat


I hope he will respond I’ve wanted to play him for awhile


Yes, I might need to get a better understanding of the game


Just name a time and I will be on I’m on central America time zone


How did the match go? (If it happened).


We haven’t played yet


been a busy weekend, but I’ll try to get some time this evening, which should be around 4 pm central time


I was going to be able to play at 4 but I have to go to work maybe we can set up a different day?


sure, no problem, 4 pm works most days, just ping me on discord


I thought it was a certain thing that you play, I would say it’s a imperative for understanding the game from the players point of view! And understanding players is imperative for developement innthe right direction! Anonymous of course…