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here you can purchase anything that can be sold there can be used in territory war map with gold collected from posting screen shots in Worrior Bank in forum and soon to come goods once i can figure how to work them in. Even services such as mercenary work contracts or other similar services just post what it is you need. All can be spent and used on for Territory Wars to gain territory or defence or offencive structures.

STATE=13gold must be in the 2 logo range rule to buy a certain state

ROAD=9gold can purchase in any location if road is not cut off to you by other active members
name the location you wish to be at by the name on the map for a territory spot

protects completely owned states by way of crutch and it can only be taken by direct challenge. you must surrender at most 4 units if the owner of the castle is a bigginer and no unit if the owner is elikite but you must win in a row how ever many players occupied the territory when conquerd is how many times it must be faught to take castle

lets you have reach to attack any state or road within 2 logos away from any body of water on the map. Must be in or next to a state with a boat logo on map in order to buy a boat

If you own a consecutive link of territory from your state to another fork in the road then you may puchase a tower this acts as a berrior to your state any player wishing to pass to get to another state can pay to cross if you come to conquer then they must play at a crutch of 2units of calvery, challengers choice cannot be general

My prices
Mercenary prices

Easy 1gold
May take days to get your head depending on activity

A full day of my games
9 gold
Can only work for 1 player at a time

10gold 1 spacific tactic you must have an explanation what you wanna learn

hmmm… business going slow?

Tryn to think of new stuff .ARF has been inactive for a minute

-6 gold to normac

I will note this in the original thread.

Do mine to -6 to normac

Ignore the last one

Idk what this thread is. If you want me to count them you will have to post in the thread I started.

You can just quote them over.

This thread is so people can see prices of objects in game at very top it gives a discription of the basis of thread. You may add any goods or services here its i guess the market. If you have any ideas to add to the game shoot them at me if there practical and simple to implament ill be happy to add