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Would there ever be censor function?


Would this rely on just ourselves? Or does making this cost too much time, i know nothing about coding, but I think this might help a bit to filter out toxicity, most of the old players wont swear anyways. Or maybe just copy the roblox censoring codes and profit


censorship in any form is never good


Come on dude, some forms are good
You wouldn’t want a bunch of guys spamming the forum with really bad stuff
Not just swearing


You cant handle curse words or what!?


No no no, like swearing is fine, people can’t really control them and it’s more of a habit than lets say, insulting people, but there are certain offensive words that really just mean no good


I don’t know how the roblox filter works, but from what I’ve read it sounds like a relatively simple-minded automatic filter. I don’t believe that would work well in practice. I would gladly copy their profit though :slight_smile:

There are spammers and trolls out there, and undoubtedly some of them will come here every now and then. And discussions sometimes turn into uncontrollable flame wars. So any internet forum needs moderation, and I think the best approach just a traditional team of moderators that tends to the topics and help out. So far the traffic has been low and I’m able to handle this, but as it grows I will probably need help from the community.